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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prophetic Witness

There is much that twenty-first-century women who are Catholic and love their faith tradition find disheartening about the current institutional church. It is disappointing, for example, that the thousands of women who make up a majority of the workforce of the church have little or no voice at ecclesial polity tables... Fortunately, these dispiriting dimensions of Catholic church life in the twenty-first century do not represent the full story... Without a question, some of the most exciting and creative theological work being done on the world stage today is by Catholic women. One hundred years ago, women were not welcome in the theological community of discourse. Fifty years ago, it was still most unusual for a woman to choose theology as a career. But today, in graduate programs throughout the United States, the number of women doing advances theological degrees frequently surpasses that of men. In historically unparalleled ways, women theologians today, solidly trained and choosing theology as their vocation invite us to stand up anew and reclaim the riches of the Catholic tradition in more emancipatory and expansive fashion. This volume gathers many of their voices.  - Colleen M. Griffith

This excerpt is from "Prophetic Witness: Catholic Women's Strategies for Reform". The book is apart of C21's award winning Book Series.  In 2010, this book won first place in the gender category by the Catholic Press Association.

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